Mariposa | Little Harbor 46 Sloop


• New Sidepower Bow thruster - 24 volt.
• Domestic, gray water, and sewage plumbing stripped out and replaced - including seacocks, thru-hulls, strainers, valves, vented loops, and all hard/soft wall plumbing.
• Various electrical upgrades.
• New propane stove installed.
• Rigging serviced.
• Bright work maintained.



The owners of Mariposa settled down in the quaint, seaside village of Noank several years ago and then set their search for their next prize: a heavy weather cruiser with all the comforts of home. They set their eyes on an older Little Harbor 46 and thus began another voyage. The owners approach to addressing the older systems has been one of consistency. So far, Noank Village Boatyard has repowered her, repaired/upgraded various systems, upgraded electronics, addressed all standing and running rigging, as well as much more.


One of the biggest challenges was coming up with a way to install the bow thruster in the best location – which was right in the middle of the forward water tank. This tank was 120 gallons of water that could not be sacrificed, nor located elsewhere. Thus, came the challenge of installing the tunnel and motor assembly inside the middle of the tank. Upon cutting open the tank, we found a "failed" epoxy liner that would need to be redone.

Boat was leveled and tunnel location was precisely picked and cut. Appropriate structural build-up was performed. Tunnel exterior fairing applied for maximum performance.

The vessels 4 water tanks totaled less than 200 gallons, thus sacrificing the forward tank was not, in our eyes, an option. To create a watertight structure for which the thruster motor would live, we fabricated a custom mold that was glassed into the tank, thus becoming an integral part of the water tank. Interior baffles were constructed, the interior was lined with special gel coat (one that preserves the pure taste of water) and the exterior finished off in a bilge-matching white gel coat.

The bilges of Mariposa are packed with systems and the various plumbing that relates to them. Starting where we left off last year, this portion of the systems was definitely time to be addressed. Noank Village Boatyard technicians worked hard at replacing the systems. Interior was carefully protected as repair was performed. Numerous siphon breaks were replaced – all artfully located in the back-side of a hanging closet. A false back hid these from view. Forward and aft holding tanks were re-plumbed including new custom fittings replaced.