Hinckley Bermuda 40 Yawl


We reserved a special spot in our heated highbay for this  classic beauty. The owner took this 'old gem' and trusted us to return her back into a classic beauty. We were honored to be selected and trusted with such an undertaking. We're quite proud of the finished results!”
Ron Helbig



The new owner of an old gem arrived at Noank Village Boatyard this past summer, looking to homeport her on the Mystic River. Wishing to be close to Fisher's Island Sound - where there are always steady breezes and picturesque views, this Hinckley yawl had received routine care as well as a recent repowering and an Awlgrip paint job on her hull. The Bright work - as well - had been kept up. This winter, along with regular maintenance, it was decided that the ship's DC electrical system would be redone, as well as all-new standing rigging. A special spot in the corner of the heated highbay was reserved for this classic beauty.

The old house battery bank was removed and, revealed the sole of the box was fully destroyed from years of duty. A new box was fabricated out of fiberglass, glassed into the bow section (original location) and gel-coated to match. Because of the long cable a significant amount of wire was stripped from below. Included in the job were updates to: the battery switches, gauges, and battery monitors.

When completed, there were digital battery monitors, new breakers, and proper fusing – all done to ABYC standards. The house/start bank, made up of 4 large Lifeline AGM batteries, is all the amperage the vessel needs, and is controlled with an all on-all off switch. There is also an "emergency start" bank that allows one to always have a "reserve" in the case where the house bank gets drained down. Both banks are charged with the engine's alternator.

Bright work received 4 maintenance coats on all exterior surfaces.