Calabrone | Winter Work 2009


“I first got to Ron because he was the only authorized Steyr dealer on the East Coast,” says Bastianich, “But I quickly grew to like and respect him. He brought a level of dedication and passion to the product that I have rarely seen in any field. He was able to share and direct my vision to re-create the Calabrone as a boat of dreams.”
Joe Bastianich

Looking over the 29-foot express that owner Joe Bastianich had dropped off last October at his Noank, CT boatyard, manager Ron Helbig knew he had a real project on his hands. Not only was the boat in question built in Europe, but it was a high-end vessel, somewhat neglected, that would demand the best in craftsmanship to restore.
Story by Steve Knauth,
Soundings Magazine
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We picked up "Calabrone" in the fall at her summer home in Western Connecticut for winter storage at Noank Village boatyard. After major repairs and refinishing last winter, the twin 236 HP Steyr Diesels were to receive some much needed, but minor attention.

"Calabrone" was positioned inside where she would remain in a climate-controlled environment. We began by assessing her needs. Laptop computer diagnostics determined several "trouble" codes, including documentation of an intermittent starting problem we had been chasing. The starboard engine was later pulled to facilitate repairs.

Engines received the following service interval maintenance:
 • Timing belt tension checked.
 • Valve clearance checked.
 • Engine timing checked.
 • Injector's inspected/valves torque.
 • Rack calibrated/control link adjusted/injector stroke checked.
 • Antifreeze changed.
 • Glow Plugs-Replaced.
 • Vibration Damper torque.