Noank Village Boatyard

Noank Village Boatyard History


The moment you step into their yard, as we did last year on the ABBRA boatyard tour, you notice the difference. The attention to detail was obvious in the organization of the facility. That same attention to detail is what created a strong team and a service-oriented hospitable environment.
Ron Helbig and his team work together to show their customers that they truly care about them and their boats… & because they care, they focus on performing top quality work."
– ABBRA Pres. Pam Lendzion
ABBRA honors NVBY with the Prestigious ‘Excellence in Customer Care Award’



Noank Village Boatyard is a family run facility that was created by Bob and Nancy Helbig in 1972. You have to have some vision and imagination to start where Bob Helbig started. Not to mention, the drive and desire to invest and improve.

Today, the facility barely resembles its early days. However, the pursuit of perfection continues with the familiy's second generation, continually setting high standards and goals and providing the effort and planning necessary for achieving success. An incredible team of employees have been hand-picked by the Helbig family. This team understands the importance of this Professionalism, and how it is the axis by which Noank Village Boatyard revolves.

Click here for photos taken during Hurricane Gloria in the 1985.

Hurricane Gloria