Noank Village Boatyard

Noank Village History


The EMMA C. BERRY, a Noank well smack, was originally built in Noank in 1866. Originally rigged as a sloop, she went to New London in 1884 where she was converted to a transport schooner, and was there until she went to Maine in 1889. She returned to Noank in 1966, for a big celebration at the Shipyard site to welcome her home before she went on her way to become part of the watercraft collection at Mystic Seaport.”
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Emma C Berry



Noank Village has been proud to build and service ships since that late 1800s. Nearby Palmer Shipyard paved the shipbuilding industry with over 600 wooden vessels to their credit. Boats, rail car floats, tugs and yachts were crafted and built in Noank, on the Mystic River.

Recognized as one of the largest suppliers of wooden vessels on the Atlantic Coast, plenty of support marinas, boatyards, and suppliers to the boat building trade were founded in Noank. Today, Noank Village still appreciates the maritime business, commercial fishing, recreational boating, and seafaring support businesses ... in a picturesque, scenic and traditional New England village of Noank.

In 1972, forty years ago, Noank Village Boatyard was founded by Bob Helbig. The early days were full of high risk and hard work. Bob’s efforts created a legendary facility. Today, the Helbig Family still owns and operates the yard with the same drive and enthusiasm that started the facility in the beginning. The boatyard tradition and work ethic are still practiced today ... and will be for generations to come.